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Who I am and who I want to be: a brief history


I am (and want to be) a people coach! It may be a mischance, but I see it as a mission: to contribute to the development of the people around me.

I try, all the time, to give the best I can, convey what I have learned in these 58 years of life and 44 of work, develop innovative ideas from new visions, see a little further and show alternative ways.


I got a lot of good (and some not-so-good) experiences I went through: Bemge, Nacional, C & A, P & C, Milbanco, Super Money, Intermedium, BMG, Credi10, sejafeliz and SF Treinamentos Transformacionais, and I left, without doubt, friends, followers, admirers and many admired people. How nice to have been able to participate in the lives of so many nice people.

Here the intention is also to be able to contribute to your development - personal and professional (even because we cannot separate one from another).
Being able to show you what you need and can be more than focused: MULTIFOCUSED is the watchword! If you are a salesperson (a secret: we are all), then you can sell multi-products, then you have multi-skills and multi-objectives as well: you think about you, your team and your company, always having as the focal point the essence of any business: the Client.
Maybe you have to change a little: your attitudes, values and perceptions. I'm here on your side, count on me.

Let's get together for this new challenge.

What I've Done


With more than thirty years of experience in the retail and banking market, I fit in the roles of Manager, Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker, and have been working in Human Resources, Planning, Marketing & Sales, contributing to the formation and development of numerous professionals.

I was directly responsible for the idealization and institution of large sales incentive campaigns, as well as developing pioneering relationship policies with Outsourced Sales Channels (Bank Representatives), with significant results.

My Graduation

Graduated in Business Administration, with MBA in Finance and Coaching;

I was Executive Director in financial institutions in Brazil; and

today I am the Principal Partner of SF Treinamentos Transformacionais, retail-oriented Consulting.

My Expertises

Management and Developing People

Business Consultancy

Strategic planning

Variable Remuneration Plans

Sales Incentive Campaigns

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